Custom Pet Portraits

The perfect gift, starting at 25.00 !

Digital portraits are 8 by 10 inches and perfect to print on anything you like! You'll receive it as a full-resolution print-ready file! No shipping, no hassle!

Watercolours are 7 by 7 inches, but larger sizes can be discussed.


Price List

Digital Portrait (black and white) : 25.00 plus HST

Digital Portrait (colour) : 80.00 plus HST

Watercolour Painting: 150.00 plus HST and shipping*

*Also available for free Toronto pickup  


I accept e-transfer, paypal, and cash/cheque if you are in the Toronto area.

Please note these pet portraits are intended for personal use only. For logo, commercial & other illustration inquiries, feel free to email me at


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I'll email you to confirm and we'll get started!

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*Additional pets are 25.00 each
Let me know your pet's name(s), special requests, as well as any questions you may have :)
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Date It Needs To Be Completed By
*If it's for a birthday, holiday, or special day!

How does this work?

  1. Fill out the form
  2. I'll contact you for confirmation and further instructions to send pictures of your pet to me!
  3. You'll be in direct contact with me (the artist!) every step of the way. I'll send you a rough sketch before I finish the final artwork. If there's small changes you need (nose is too big, fluff too fluffy) I'll change it free of charge! 
  4. I'll finish the artwork and:
    1. Digital portraits: I'll send you a low-res watermarked image of the final artwork for you to approve the design. If there are small changes you need (say the stripes need to be darker) I'm happy to change it free of charge. 
    2. Watercolour Painting: I'll send you a scan of the painting for you to approve. Because it is paint and difficult to change once completed, it is very important that the pictures you send are well-lit. 
  5. Once we're done, I ask for the fee and once payment is received, I'll send you the full resolution un-watermarked files/ship the painting!